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Will The Church Survive Without Tithes And Offerings?


BY Sunday Akinbowale


THE true Church will always survive and thrive… The people who love God like you and I will always give their best for the expansion of the Kingdom of God without anyone coercing them to give a particular percentage to the pastor or to the widows and orphans…

The true church loves God and money is not their god. Nobody needs to keep preaching tithes and offerings into their ears before they yield to do the will of the Father…

Anyone who does not practically love the Kingdom of God is probably not a member of the Body of Christ. Or needs to be taught how to yield to the Spirit. This should be the focus of our life – How to let Christ in us reign on this earth. Understanding the Spirit of Truth who lives in us and revealing Him to our world.

Anything else apart from this is religion. And it must be stopped.

What believers need to be taught is THE MOST EXCELLENT WAYS OF USING THEIR RESOURCES for the MAXIMUM benefit of humanity. And they should do it as led by the Spirit, not as a matter of stipulated laws.

The church should never be living in fear of lack of money…

I keep saying it that if families can survive, with some people not loving one another, how much more churches will thrive, rule, and reign if members of the BODY of Christ love one another, loves the world, even as God so loved the world.


God bless you!!!



Somebody asked: But please put me in the right path. Jesus & His disciples had purse in which Judas was a treasurer. Besides, if there is no tithing & offering of money how will we build churches, furnish it, buy seats, communion etc?

Well, this is my very simple and easy submission: If you really need one, have a purse like Jesus had. And if you want, hire a treasurer… But if Jesus NEVER demanded tithes and offerings from anyone… Never demand it from anyone too…  If Jesus only sent disciples to get a donkey once in His ministry as recorded in the Bible, and the owner did not object… you should not make it a daily or weekly occurrence in your church to ask people to give their hard earned money to you… And when you do ask for someone’s donkey claiming the Lord has need of it, the owner of the donkey must not disagree… that will prove that you are led by the Spirit… you do not need to use curse to harass them. Jesus did not say anyone would be cursed if he or she did not give donkey or money to add to what He had in the purse.

Instead, tell people to use their money for whatever God is laying on their hearts to do for the EXPANSION OF GOD’S KINGDOM. You should not become their God. Direct them to the Holy Spirit, and let the Spirit guide them directly. Even a day-old baby Christian can receive guidance from the Spirit of God if he or she believes.

You are free to receive from people, if they are led or feel like giving to you. Just make sure they are not stealing what they are giving to you. Make sure you do NOT tell them that they will not be blessed if they don’t sow to ‘your’ church. Anyone who believes in Jesus is already blessed in Christ. Anyone who believes in Christ is a new Creature (A SUPER MAN). Anyone who believes in Christ is a joint heir with Christ.

The church is not the building. The church is the Body of Christ. The church is the people. Therefore, if we need to erect buildings as places of meeting and learning, that is so easy. We build those just like we build our mansions without soliciting for tithes. We build just like some business men erect school buildings and great companies from their money without soliciting for offerings. Why is it that when it comes to the work of the Kingdom we think we have to force, cajole or manipulate people? You cannot be more passionate than God Himself.

God is our provider. If you are ever making money from your work, the only reason should be to expand God’s Kingdom. Everyone (including pastors and leaders) should be working hard in order to be able to provide for others. If you are preaching and preaching, and nobody is giving to you to sustain your family, please go and get a job. Don’t convert the work of the Kingdom into a secular business.

I am not sure you are more anointed than Apostle Paul. He got a job to sustain himself and be able to give to others. Be certain to keep working hard till you get to the level of Jesus when you do not need a job NOR need to appeal to people to give to you before you survive.

Follow Jesus with all your heart… Pattern your life after Him… and it shall be well with you…




– Sunday Akinbowale is a public affairs analyst

-The opinions and views expressed in this article are solely those of the writer/author, and do not necessarily represent or reflect the editorial policy of Headline News Nigeria.


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