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Surviving the Valley 

BY Femi Awodele
Ps. 23: 5 – Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me.
METAPHORICALLY, the Valley are the times in our lives or journey  on earth that things look dim or seem impossible. In my study of scripture (and i’ve written a book on this) – God designed our lives to have undulations – Valleys and Mountain experiences.
While no one knows what God is up to (because His ways are not our ways), He shared enough with us that Valley experiences are design to help us grow in Faith, teach us perseverance (patience) and help us mature (spiritually and emotionally). As a believer since 1989 (born into faith though) – I can say, my maturity have come mostly at valley times.
We get into Valley situations through our disobedience (sin) or God allowing things to happen, whatever or whichever way we get into a Valley – once we are in it, what matters now is – ARE WE WALKING THROUGH or HAVING A PITY PARTY?
The enemy of God (Satan) know that we are vulnerable in the Valley (depression, loneliness, terrible thoughts, pride, etc.) so, he through our mind or his human agents (kingdom of darkness people – could be religious folks too) give us reason to hate the person hurting us, to feel defensive, to feel the need for revenge, basically anything against what God says.
God knows Valley times are NOT fun for us as humans and as a JUST GOD, He must allow them in our lives, so He gives us His Rod and Staff – His Word and His Spirit to comfort us, to give us Hope and strengthen our Faith, knowing that we are to WALK THROUGH, not get stuck with hatred etc.
For me 2017, has been a bitter sweet year – it would have been easy to be  bitter and ignore the sweet stuff, yet at every turn, I know that my Redeemer liveth – that hope and faith in Him, and the love for Him, motivates me to do that which I don’t want to do, but he wants me to do.
Stop asking WHY ME? in the Valley you are going through (the Devil will answer you), start saying WHAT IS THE LESSON FROM THIS VALLEY? and praying LORD, GIVE ME STRENGTH THROUGH YOUR WORD AND YOUR SPIRIT TO REMAIN FAITHFUL TO YOU AND NOT LEAN ON THE ARM OF FLESH.
I pray for strength for you, that your FAITH would NOT falter (or fail) in times of trouble (your Valley) – Lk. 22: 32.
Femi Awodele is the Executive Director of Christian Couples Fellowship International, Inc., a marriage ministry with chapters worldwide based in Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States
– The opinions and views expressed in this article are solely those of the writer/author, and do not necessarily represent or reflect the editorial policy of Headline News Nigeria

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