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Premature Arousal?


BY Femi Awodele


SONG of Solomon 3:5 – Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the do-es of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

The book of Song of Solomon (or Songs) is a very fascinating book. It is obviously a collection of poem, for the most part written by King Solomon, who had 1000 women (wives and concubines), yet he had the hots for one woman – the Shulamite.

From Chapter One – Four, King Solomon narrated how he came to meet “the Shulamite” who was a laborer in one of his vineyards, how he wanted her, how she was cleansed (physically) before marriage, he described the marriage ceremony and then finally how they have sex the first time (in chapter four).

When i’m privileged to speak to Singles (young, adults, older, etc.), and they ask me “how far they should go with intimacy, with a friend” I ask them to read Song of Songs 2: 7 and repeated in 3: 5 (shared above). So here is the scenario, Solomon as the king, came to where “the Shulamite” was been cleaned up, and tried to touch her, and twice she said “..do not arouse nor awaken my love until it is desired”.

Now, let’s talk science, medicine – endocrinology to be precise. Human emotion is influenced by hormonal flow, depending on the circumstances we find ourselves, brought to our recognition by any of the five senses, certain hormones are released.

When two lovers (hopefully opposite sex) AROUSE each other, “Oxytocin” (have other uses) is released, which leads to other arousal steps. If other steps are taken or followed through, then “Serotonin” is released, and at this point, SEX is inevitable – because blood left the brain already for the mid-region and we don’t think straight when our brain lack adequate blood.

So, to AWAKEN love is to AROUSE, to arouse is to engage in activities that induces your glands to release certain hormones, and once those hormones do their job (make blood flow to our sexual organs and we can’t think straight) – we get into troubles, many times we think we can handle, but can’t.

Have fun studying and confirming what i’ve written above.


Femi Awodele is the Executive Director of Christian Couples Fellowship International, Inc., a marriage ministry with chapters worldwide based in Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States

-The opinions and views expressed in this article are solely those of the writer/author, and do not necessarily represent or reflect the editorial policy of Headline News Nigeria.

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