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Do Not Be Labelled: – Always Remove the Designers Stitched-On Label from Your Coat or Suit Sleeve

Some men do not have an inkling on what to wear to appear professional or what to wear so as not to look out-dated but overtly trendy. Cotton or wool, formal or casual suits, the right kind of such can make a man look a million bucks. A well-dressed man in the right kind of suit is always a pleasure to behold.

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But they are some minor-fashion blunders that can make a man look tacky, worse still cheap, as if he doesn’t know what obtains in the world of fashion.

A particular fashion blunder we would be looking at is designer’s label stitched to the suit sleeve. Yes, it is meant to come off. You see a well-dressed gentleman all decked up in a designer suit and you go like “waoh” and then you look him up and see the suit tag still stitched on the suit.

The designers who put it on the sleeves do that for easy recognition on racks, whether it be at fashion shows or at the store that is rack, so as you thumb through the clothes you don’t need to start checking the maple of the suits all you need to do is to look at the sleeves and you know who the designer is.

Once you have purchased the suit please take off the tags. We see it unbelievably often, well-dressed guys walking around with tags hanging from their designer coats.

This style sucker move that is so easy to miss; it is easy because it is sown on and that does not mean it is permanent. Any tag stitched to the exterior of your coat must go; a quick scissor- snip will suffice. Labels on the interior of the coat can stay; this is not really visible and does not constitute a fashion blunder so it is okay.

Do not wait till you are embarrassed in public or made fun of. Remember you read it here first. All stitched on tags on the sleeve must go.

By Ramo Silvers.


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