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Is Billionaire-Senator Andy Uba, Nigeria’s next Deputy Senate President?


THE existence of Nigeria itself came out of sacrifice between the then three existing regions: Eastern, Northern and Western that came together as one – Nigeria. This is why everything about this country is hinged on sacrifice.

An ideology and culture I believe gave birth to the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).

NYSC is a 12-month period set aside to sacrifice your time and energy in serving your Fatherland, come rain, come sun.

It now seems for Nigeria to progress, Nigerians must sacrifice. Sacrifice whatever is worth sacrificing.‎ At this point, the biblical Jonah story comes to mind. Sacrifice the MAN for the raging SEA to calm down! THROW him into the sea!

And yes, no other person(s) understand(s) this ‘throw into the raging sea’ analogy like the Nigerian politicians especially those in the National Assembly. If they are not throwing chairs, or throwing themselves over the fence, they are throwing someone out of his/her position. ‎The Senator Ali Ndume-throwing out saga is still fresh in our minds.

Sometimes in December 2016, Sen. Ndume went out of the National Assembly building to pray for some minutes. The smooth sailing of the Nigerian political ship in an assembly that its leadership was formed on controversy was obviously a prayer point. Whilst he was at it, like Jonah, he was thrown out of his position by his co-travelers in a space of 10 minutes of his exit out of the assembly building without being briefed why.

Trust me, the ‘friends of the friends’ in NASS beat Jonah’s co-travelers to it in the time frame of executing the ‘Sacrifice Ndume Plan’ for the political raging sea to calm down.

Till date, Sen. Ndume is still trying to figure out what went wrong forgetting he actually got that position through the raging sea crisis of the APC and new-PDP during NASS election.

About two months after the Ndume’s saga, the consuming storm is up again. And this time as usual, it needs a sacrifice to calm down.

Over the weekend, my ears went strolling and one of my ears – the right one of course picked the news that NASS Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu would not just be thrown out to calm the raging sea like Jonah, he would also be hung like Jesus Christ and the Pontius Pilate here is no other person but Deputy Senate Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio.

Ike Ekweremadu and his position have been alleged to be negotiated and paid for. He is to be sacrificed to appease the Nigerian god of politics. And the Judas, Andy Uba, Godswill Akpabio’s bosom friend, through his defection will receive the ultimate reward of stepping into the Deputy Senate President’s shoes.

We are all aware that Andy Uba defected to the APC two weeks ago and some of us blamed his defection on stomach infrastructure claiming Uba wants to ‘chop’ from the APC. Well, ‘sauces’ says it’s beyond ‘belly matter’. It’s about power and position. Andy Uba, the billionaire, is allegedly going to be Nigeria’s next Deputy Senate President.

I don’t know what prayer Ekweremadu is going to pray to prevent this from happening. But I hope he won’t be caught praying like Ndume.


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  1. Wow this is one of the most beautiful undiluted story i have come across in recent times. Let wait and watch the scene on how it unfolds.


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